What is CBD?

WHAT EXACTLY IS CBD OIL? CBD oil is a liquid extract taken from the second most prominent compound found within cannabis plants called 'Cannabidiol' - more commonly abbreviated as 'CBD'. Before we continue let’s clear one important fact up first!... ... In layman’s terms - it is a relative or strain of the Marijuana plant! BUT It will not get you high, stoned, out of it, it does not give you the munchies or cause any psychoactivity, which is very often associated with Marijuana and its main component (THC). Cannabidiol belongs to a group of chemical compounds which are called 'cannabinoids', these are synthesized naturally within the cannabis plant. CBD oil is still quite new, with further research still being done and to those who haven’t had the chance to try this oil for themselves, it is often confused with the illegal substance 'weed' which actually has a very high concentration of the main psychoactive cannabinoid 'THC'

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Its the first ever 'Cannabinuary' - are you in?

Its the first ever 'Cannabinuary' - are you in? : January 2020 sees the start of a new revolution, Cannabinuary - embracing, celebrating and educating all things Hemp, Cannabidiol CBD,

CBD Fun - Crossword

CBD Fun - Crossword : Test your cannabidiol (CBD) knowledge. Take a little break, print out this page and try out our 'just for fun' crossword...  see how much you have really learnt about CBD!

Novel Foods Act & CBD Industry News -

Novel Foods Act & CBD Industry News - : The CBD industry has been told it must clean up its act or risk CBD products being taken from shelves, and banned for sale as a supplement.

What are Terpenes?

Image We have a new and interesting article on our blog, if you've been learning about CBD then you'll most likely have seen reference to 'Terpenes' - and like many people you may not be fully aware of what they are. In this weeks blog post we have taken a look at the most common terpenes and explained them in an easier less scientific way....enjoy!'s easy to share our blog posts - simply click on the social buttons shown at the top of our post! #Terpenes #Organic #Blog #Bloggers #MondayMood #BloggersLife #Vegan #WellnessBlogger #CBD #Blogging #Health #Oil

Still unsure if CBD (Cannabidiol) supplements are right for you?

HOW TO USE CBD? CBD (Cannabidiol) is still hitting the headlines and thousands are now consuming CBD supplements on a regular basis. But because of the mass media frenzy and word of mouth recommendations for CBD Oil, knowing exactly what to take and how often can become quite confusing for many. So, if you have not already purchased CBD (Cannabidiol) supplements and thinking of trying them soon, but you're unsure of what to do or how to take it or you've already started taking CBD supplements but want to be sure you're doing it correctly, we've listed a few tips on getting the best out of CBD (Cannabidiol) supplements.  ____________________________ Working out the Right Amount of CBD: Getting the right amount for you individually is important, most people either use a low-quality oil in order to cut costs or purchase a higher-level CBD oil - but are worried about its effects or worried about getting high or feeling tired, so in some cases through the

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